Welcome to the website of Redcar & Cleveland Children & Young People’s Trust.

Here, you will find a range of information about the Trust and its role in supporting local organisations to make a difference to the lives of children, young people across the borough.
The website includes information on projects designed to improve the quality of life for local families.
It also features a brand new Families’ Guide which lists events, activities and services for children and young people aged from 0-20.

We hope you enjoy exploring the website. New information will be added in the coming months so be sure to return to the website at a later date.

Reform of Children’s Trust Autumn


The Government have removed the statutory guidance from children’s trusts, although there is still a requirement for a Trust Board.

Schools and further education are being removed from the ‘duty to cooperate’, locally we hope that they will still play a lead role in the development of our newly refocused trust.
Following consultation with children, young people, parents/ carers and practitioners we have revised our trust priorities down to five. To ensure we can achieve these priorities we have also restructured the trust groups which sit under the Board. The new priority groups will held their first meeting during December/ January and are working to develop actions to support the priority opbjective. Further information on this can be found in the attachment.

In Redcar and Cleveland, the Trust Board have agreed to continue and develop the Trust and to produce a new plan. We will keep you up to date with developments as they progress.


Children’s Exercise Programs

We have recently been trying out health and fitness programs which you may hear about soon.

Kids aren’t like adults in several unique ways. The means of thinking along with psychological and physical things are just a small number of these difference, that is why the sort of exercise that a child should perform shouldn’t be the exact same as what an adult does.

Every kid has undeveloped skeletons. Their bones do not grow until they attained the age of fifteen to twenty two. Women at a youthful age that take part in exercise may have negative results on their skeleton for the remainder of their lives.

Children may have accidents during workout which can will impact their bone formation straight away. Young ages which aren’t properly warmed up may be vulnerable to accidents because they have small quantities of muscle masses which causes them to posses bad temperature regulation.

Children’s exercise means that canbe even more vulnerable to heart stroke and also heat exhaustion because they don’t sweat as much as adults do. It is going to also make them hard to develop endurance and speed due to their immature hormone system and little muscle mass. Because kids have different heart and breathing reaction compared to adults, they will have a poor capability in exercising.